DIY: cheap and cheerful ornaments.

I love these ornaments. They're pretty in glass bowls, hurricanes and hung from just about anywhere. They're also super easy and great for gifting.
Here's what you need:
+ box of clear glass ornaments
+ metallic shred in any color(s) you like
+ pencil with a rubber eraser
Here's whatcha do:
+ Remove the ornament hanger/toppers for each ball. Careful... the cheaper they are, the easier they break.
+ Depending on the size of your ornaments, wrap a few strands each of silver and gold shred around a finger to form a loop.
+ With the loop end down, gently stuff the loop into the ornament.
+ Use eraser to finish stuffing the shred - the shreds get slippery, so the rubber eraser helps a bit. And, the better your loop (sometimes I double it up), the quicker it might go. Once you get your own rhythm, it's quick and easy.
And sparkly.

Happy Christmas Week.

1 comment:

Karen said...

What a great idea. You are so creative, thanks for sharing.
Happy Christmas to you and your family this year...such an exciting time!