gift giving: for your co-workers.

I work with a group of really amazing people. People who helped me take off nearly five months to enjoy being a mom, and people who helped me get back into the swing of things in the last few weeks. I'm very grateful to call them co-workers; but they are really more like friends. Friends who enjoy coffee. And lots of it.

One of my favorite go to gifts: Anthro's monogrammed mugs. For your office pals, pair it with a Starbucks card, and call it a cute day.
Sidebar: another affordable, monogrammed-ish gift from Anthro: this sweet winter tree monogram that can double as a jewelry holder for the glam gals in your life.

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Karen said...

I just purchased these mugs for my DIL and future DIL and coupled it with an Anthropologie gift card. Happy to see you like them too...I know I have chosen a winner! :-)