counting down: the advent calendar.

Last year, I shared my love for the advent calendar. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions. With just a few days to spare last November, I ordered this Land of Nod calendar (still available this year!) and made do with a small Santa ornament that we moved from pocket-to-pocket as we counted down to Dec. 25.
After the holiday came and went, my mom and I picked up some teeny tiny ornaments (on super sale!) to fill all 25 pockets, and this year, Mari will get to decorate her very own tiny Christmas tree, one-by-one, day-by-day.
I love this calendar because it's simple, has ease-of-access for little hands and perhaps most aesthetically important: it matches our DIY Christmas stockings. I still can't believe we pulled those off last year. Thank goodness for my mom and her sewing machine.

We found most of the ornaments at after-Christmas sales at Crate & Barrel and CVS. Note to self: drug stores have a great selection of small glass ornaments, in box sets, that are cheap and cheerful. They also are sweet additions to a bottle of wine, a plate of cookies or anything that you might be gifting to neighbors and friends in December that could use some merriment.
The ornaments will decorate Mari's mini artificial tree, from Jo-Ann, to which I added a short strand of mini white lights. Her eyes literally twinkle when we turn them on.
I'm so excited to see how she responds to the first ornament on Dec. 1. She's already been very busy with all the ball ornaments. Probably because she can now actually say the word 'ball.' Nothing has ever sounded sweeter.


Becca said...

What a treasure for your daughter! I love all these ideas and will keep them in mind for my own. Have a wonderful Advent celebrating each day with her!

Kirsten said...

Such a fun idea! I loved, loved opening my advent calendar each day in December when I was little...such special holiday memories you guys will make with you new calendar:)!